Business Law

New Business

Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young is available to provide meaningful assistance in the start up phase for a new business venture. We can help you select and bring into existence the type of business entity that best suits your situation (e.g. corporation, limited liability company, or sole proprietorship). Other related issues often require legal expertise and planning to become fully operational. Agreements among owners, contracts, supply agreements, leases, employment policy manuals, purchase orders, sales agreements and the like, need to be reviewed or drafted. We would appreciate the opportunity to help satisfy your business needs.

Buying/Selling a Business

We are experienced in handling the purchase or sale of the assets or ownership interests in a business, with significant experience in the transfer of medical and dental practices. Whether you are considering buying or selling a business Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young is prepared to assist you. We can counsel you on a structure for the transaction (an asset transfer, stock or membership interest transfer, merger, etc.) conduct the due diligence and prepare the documentation necessary to consummate the deal. Let our experienced attorneys help you understand and prepare the documents fitted to your particular need. We can also assist you in transferring licenses and employee related matter that may arise in the transfer of a business. Let Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young help make the purchase or sale of your business a success.

Construction Liens

Lawyers in our firm can provide legal assistance to you in the event a construction lien is filed against your property, or if you are a contractor, supplier, subcontractor, or laborer, who needs to file a construction lien on property. There are important time frames and procedures that need to be followed in order to fully protect your interests under Michigan's Construction Lien Act.


Let Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young review, prepare, and provide guidance on contract matters before you enter into a transaction to make sure you fully understand all the legal ramifications of the documents before they become binding upon you. We can also assist you in interpreting, enforcing or litigating documents you have already signed.


Our qualified staff is available to provide efficient and effective assistance in forming a corporation or updating your record book for an existing corporation. Being properly organized and having updated corporate records is important in the event of an audit or an "ultra vires" challenge to the limited liability protection available to properly formed and operated corporations.

Limited Liability Company/LLC

A Limited Liability Company ("LLC") is an entity of choice for a number of applications formerly served by partnerships and sole proprietorships, with the attractive "limited liability" attribute and "pass through" taxation option. LLC's have many benefits both for business and estate planning needs. For example, it is possible to convert a sole proprietorship into a single member limited liability company and obtain the same liability protection as a corporation without adverse tax consequences. In most cases, you don't even have to get a separate employer identification number or MESC registration.