Wrongful Termination

Most employment relationships in Michigan are "at will", which means either the employer or employee may terminate the relationship at any time, for any reason. However, in some situations, such as if the termination was a violation of public policy, discriminatory, a breach of an employment contract, or a violation of the employers expressed policies, a wrongful termination claim may exist. Grua, Tupper & Young, has attorneys experienced in litigating wrongful termination issues.


Michigan and Federal law both address discrimination based upon race, sex, age, and other matters. The law also addresses the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers with respect to the employment relationship. Often times, but not always, litigated cases involve both employment contract and discrimination concepts at the same time. Grua, Tupper & Young has attorneys experienced in litigating the issues arising from the employment relationship and the issues particular to discrimination claims, whether within or separate from the employment setting. Let us assist you in addressing those matters even before they develop into a lawsuit. If litigation is necessary, we have the right experience to represent your interest in Court.

Employment Policy

Grua, Tupper & Young can assist you in implementing employment policies for your company or with questions interpreting employment policies of your employer. We are experienced in handling employment issues ranging from discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, unemployment compensation, wage and hour matters, and administrative proceedings, representing both employers and employees.

Employment Handbook

In today's litigious society and for the betterment of company communications and morale, it is wise for employers to have written policies in place regarding their employees and employment practices. The attorneys at Grua, Tupper & Young are experienced in preparation of employee handbooks and can help you develop and implement policies, strategies and rules for your business.

Workers Compensation

We represent employers and employees in workers compensation claims.