Family Law


Domestic matters including divorce, separation, child custody/support and parenting time issues can be difficult for any family to experience. Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young provides caring and experienced legal help when it is needed most to minimize conflict and yet provide their clients all they are legally and fairly entitle to receive.

Child Support

Whenever a marriage ends in divorce and the parties have minor children, child support obligations can be substantial. While the law requires the family court to follow support guidelines, there can be factors related to income, expenses and custody that have an impact on what amount the court determines is appropriate for a party to pay in child support. If you question the appropriateness of your child's support award or your support calculation has not been reviewed recently and there has occurred a change in income or child care expenses, Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young can immediately calculate what the court would order in a revised support obligation and make a recommendation concerning whether a Petition to modify a support obligation should be filed. Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young can also assist parties in drafting agreements concerning support where parties are in agreement concerning a support modification.


When confronted with a divorce, separation, or post judgment matter involving custody of minor children, Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young provides for its clients without regard to gender experienced representation, advocating for what is truly in the best interest of their clients' children. Along with legal counsel, other outside support resources including therapists, counselors, spiritual advisors and psychologists can be involved to assist the client's family through a difficult life transition.


If you are considering adopting a child or placing a child up for adoption, Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young can advise and represent you through all stages of the complicated process. We represent families and individuals with adoption matters, including filing the appropriate paperwork to begin, continue, and finish the placement process, to appear with you during adoption proceedings, and to help you understand Michigan’s specific adoption laws and how they will apply and affect you.