Integrating our faith into the practice of law creates a unique synergy at our firm. Our spiritual perspective equips us to serve the local church and church members alike. The Church is an important part of the personal lives of the members of our firm. Jonathan E. Maire is currently on the National Board of the Christian Legal Society. Both Cassius E. Street, Jr. and Timothy Young are "Pastor's Kids." Others have assumed leadership roles in their local church. We have hosted a Lawyer's gathering to study and explore faith and worship issues with other lawyers on Friday mornings for almost 20 years (known as the "Donites" for the donuts we consumed).

Non-Profit Corporations

In the complicated world in which we live, nonprofit religious groups and organizations are increasingly having to deal with legal issues which, if neglected or ignored, could have adverse consequences. Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young has historically represented many churches and non profit organizations dealing with issues involving contracts, real estate transactions, employment and taxation that have direct bearing upon organizational life and practice. Our firm has served as mediator in church disputes and as invaluable Christian based referral source for the legal needs of members. Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young can also assist religious organizations and professionals in "risk management so as to minimize their exposure to legal difficulties.