Probate/Estate Planning


Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young provides a broad range of legal services to those persons interested in creating or revising an estate plan. Whether you are interested in a simple will, living trust, or powers of attorney for business or health care ("living will"), we can be of assistance.

Trusts/Estate Plans

The attorneys at Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young are prepared to discuss your estate planning needs with you and to help you make decisions that will provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your personal affairs and assets will be dealt with in accordance with your expressed directions, both during your lifetime and following death. We can be of assistance in designing a plan using a "Living Trust", if you wish to avoid probate proceedings. In some cases trusts are utilized to reduce or eliminate estate taxes. We can also prepare business and health care powers of attorneys to make sure someone is a position to make financial or personal health care decisions for you, if you can not do these things for yourself.

Estate Administration

Our firm has many years of experience providing effective and efficient legal representation to parties having an interest in a probate proceeding or an active trust. If you are a party responsible for acting as personal representative of a decedent's estate or a trustee of a trust, please know that we are in a position to help you more fully understand and carry out your fiduciary duties.


At some point it may become necessary for you to consider setting up a guardianship or conservatorship for a loved one. Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young can help you through this time whether you are dealing with a minor, legally incapacitate person, or developmentally disabled person.

Probate Litigation

We represents individuals and creditors in relation to claims or concerns in a deceased person's estate. This includes Will contests, breaches of fiduciary duty, creditor claims against a decedent's estate, and much more.


When a minor or incapacitated adult requires assistance with their financial affairs, that person may need a court appointed Conservator. Grua, Freeman, Tupper & Young can help you navigate the legal rules of appointment. We can also assist you with the annual accounting, with the rules which control spending the minor and or any special circumstances that require the Conservator to withdraw funds for the ward.